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Somewhere in the depths of the usual randomness, the talk between [ profile] mocasines and I ended up at creepy football mascots. After some googling and a healthy amount of wtfs, I knew I needed to share the brainrape with you.

Creepy mascots: A collection.

Meet: Herbie the Hammer

...and his buddy Bubbles, the bear. Bubbles has a side job as Pedobear the face of a popular German condensed milk brand. Herbie and Bubbles are often seen hugging. Y'know. ~Mascot hugs~.

"Moonchester", the Cheese that fell from moon. ...and his giant dildo.

Frogmore the (did you guess it?) Frog.

Creepy bug.

Crackpipy the crack trip

This fella reminds me of one of my favourite children's books; it oddly endears him to me:

(I'd say any team with Knight Rust/Ritter Rost as their mascot can only be an instant favourite, but no, it must be Villareal :/ I can't like you guys, dammit, AMUNT VALENCIA and all! D: Eff you.)

Is it a ...Hitler? Is it a shark? Is it a nose?????? (Is it "Answer D: All of the above"??? D: D: D:)

Assorted Creepies

The tool to ridicule all Gooners: Meet Gunnersaurus Rex. Bahahaha.

AC Milan:

Wait, that's Gourcuff. Yoann, you insatiable slut.

I couldn't find a pic of Milan's mascot, but it basically looks like Manchester United's evil twin (no, two evils don't cancel each other out):

On this account I took the freedom to propose a new one.


Or the other way round, the result stays the same.

ETA: Or wait, here it is:

Of course, this is the one that started it all, the classic creepy mascot per se:


Yet, this is my favourite. Southend United's

The white version is the recent one. Spoilsports :(

But fear not! There is, indeed, a club though that is DOIN IT RIGHT, concerning mascots.

Pablo and Vitoria, mascots of Benfica.


Date: 2009-09-17 04:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Some of those mascots are totally pedobear's relatives O_O Sammy the shrimp is cool, though.

Date: 2009-09-18 11:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
All of them are, except Sammy, Aimar and Vitoria. Save yourself, children!!!!


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