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This truly is the devil's crayon.

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Birthdate:Sep 22

Tonight I know that true paradise
was not the Garden but the Ark.
Noah with his brood and beasts
asleep on planks:
skin against skin, mouth to mouth
one contiguous heart.
- Gustavo Pérez Firmat

Is that why they call it that? La ciudad del amor? Can you fall in love with the slow seduction of the city, the whisper of the breeze against pine, the smell of wet flowers (old men at street corners, ‘flower for your wife? Flower for your lover?’). Could it be love, the strange lingering fascination, the push of the soft velvet on the metro on which you sleep (the gentle bump when it awakens you, passing rows of plastic signs and stations which are just names) or the roughness of the grass and the sweet taste of dew, when you’re just lying on the park bench, sun glistening sharply in goodbye and the voices of the children fading into melodic silence? Is love, the feeling between your cold calloused fingers and the city’s shivering calloused walls, blistering chips of fallen plaster and cracked, bright red graffiti (hearts and heartfelt proclamations of love in sprayed paint and sloppy hand). - sólo por hoy (an ongoing football au verse with worldcoup)

In her mid-twenties, but not a year the wiser. Perpetually stuck in a landscape of dreams. History nerd. Struggling with the muses. Loves mountains, cute, bright smiles, good food and bad puns. Suffers for: Reds, Bats. (Huge soft spot for those Lions up north though.) | La Furia Roja. (La Celeste, too, shh.) Always happy to make new friends.
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80s music, absurd conversations, andalucía, antoine de saint-exupéry, astronomy, atheltic bilabo, athletic club de bilbao, bad jokes, baking, bartolomé esteban murillo, david silva, david villa, david villa/soulpatch=otp, daydreaming, dulce de leche, evil vuvubeelas (burrrrrrr), figure skating, football (not handegg), fábio-aurélio-and-his-freekicks, geeking out, good food, gorgeous people, guaje at valencia cf, hattifnatten, having no life, horrible puns, iker muniain, interests with 5+ words, javi martínez, julián ayesta, la celeste, la furia roja, lake constance, literature (books=legitimate food), liverpool fc, long walks at night, louis de funès, luwian hieroglyphic, mahabharata, mala rodríguez, manolo garcía's old bands, matthew goode, model united nations, moping, mountains, natillas and flan, pepe reina, photography, pirates of the mediterranean, pistachio-green vespas, plata quemada, poetry, procrastinating, pulpo paul, ratoncillos!, sexy speaking voices, soda stereo, spain, steak, stop! babel time!, swiss yoghurt, sólo por hoy, tango music, the alps, the history of spain, the short-legged wing, tinhatting, travelling, tree-hugging, trolling, valencia cf, yo mom (and-your-sister-too)
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