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The Liguistics Student's Prayer. Or, IDK.

Our lexeme, Who art in Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary,
hallowed be thy morphemes.
Thy affix come,
thy noun be done, from verbs as it is from adjectives.
Give us thy daily root,
and deliver us from rotten examples,
as we forgive you for messing with our tree diagrams.
And lead us not into phonology.
But deliver us from morphology.
Abso-fucking-lutely. (infix, rare.)

That is all.
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Somewhere in the depths of the usual randomness, the talk between [ profile] mocasines and I ended up at creepy football mascots. After some googling and a healthy amount of wtfs, I knew I needed to share the brainrape with you.

Creepy mascots: A collection.

Not suitable for minors, people with sensitive disposition or weak lungs. )
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